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Part 3 of 3: Delphix Masking Best Practices for Performance on Oracle VDBs

By Krishna Kapa posted 07-26-2019 04:03:12 PM


The previous posts in this 3-part series of posts covered an overview of
How Delphix In-Place Masking Works, then described the Test Cases and summarized the Results. Continuing with the third post, this calls out the detailed steps required to improve the overall masking performance...

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Implementation steps

Follow the steps below to set the recommendations on the masked VDB…

  1. Using the VDB provisioning wizard to provision the VDB which is being masked, check the checkbox labeled VDB Configuration Template, which will result in an extra step to be added to the wizard in order to manage Oracle database initialization parameters for the VDB using the VDB Configuration template form
  2. In the next page of the VDB provisioning wizard (i.e. Advanced), uncheck the checkbox labeled Enable Archivelog Mode and set the Online Log Size (MB) as shown below...
  3. In the next page of the VDB provisioning wizard (i.e. VDB Configure Parameters), set the database parameters in the VDB Configuration parameters as shown...

Note: Undo_retention is just an example for 24 hrs.

Thank you!


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