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Accelerate, Automate, and Secure Salesforce Data

By Lenore Adam posted 11-30-2021 10:11:08 AM

Learn how to accelerate innovation and avoid disruption of core business operations
Accelerate, Automate, and Secure Salesforce Data
with fast, compliant Salesforce data.

This article was originally published on the Delphix website here May 26, 2021.

Managing Salesforce data is just as challenging as any other mission-critical data source in the enterprise. Data-related issues in both non-production and production environments can easily impact the speed of innovation or disrupt core business operations. 

Salesforce data in development sandboxes, for example, must meet strict regulatory compliance laws as well as unify with other application data during comprehensive integration testing. And maintaining a granular history of data changes is needed to improve MTTR when recovering from production incidents. This blog outlines how to leverage Delphix’s flexible programmable data infrastructure to overcome these key data challenges.

1. Data Compliance for Salesforce Application Development Sandboxes

Keeping up with evolving privacy regulations is also no easy task. And failing a compliance audit can result in interruptions to business operations and potentially hefty fines. 

As a business-critical application, it’s no surprise that Salesforce data contains vast amounts of sensitive customer information. According to a recent Pulse survey though 56% of IT professionals do not anonymize data for use in test environments. Many development organizations still use manual masking processes and home grown scripts, which are slow and error-prone. 

Delphix’s programmable data infrastructure platform profiles and de-identifies personally identifiable information in lower level environments before loading data into Salesforce sandboxes—all of which can be programmatically configured, triggered, and monitored via APIs. Organizations can audit and maintain regulatory compliance by preventing the risk of leaking personally identifiable information (PII) into application test environments. Watch this demo to learn more. 

2. Multi Data Source Integration Testing with Salesforce Data

Salesforce data is deeply embedded in IT application stacks that leverage diverse data sources, which include relational, unstructured, mainframe, and PaaS. Given the size, scope, and location of an enterprise application ecosystem, it can be challenging to properly test transactions that traverse these interconnected systems. 

The Delphix platform automatically syncs Salesforce data with other databases in the application stack to support complex system integration testing (SIT) or user acceptance testing (UAT). 

Once synced, application development teams can time travel them as a single unit to rapidly recover after destructive testing. This coordination is also reflected in data masking rules. Sensitive data is consistently masked across tables and databases to maintain referential integrity, so test cases and transactions can be thoroughly validated while remaining secure. 

Combining these advanced capabilities both dramatically accelerates and improves the quality of integration testing where Salesforce data is included. This demo explains further. 

3. Salesforce Data Protection 

In July 2020, Salesforce discontinued its internal data backup service. The company has since reinstated the service, but recovery performance remains slow. Delphix can protect Salesforce data with automated backup and restore. It can track data down to the second or transaction through manual or automated schedules, helping customers rapidly recover data if there is a production incident, such as from Salesforce application customizations or other development errors. Space efficient virtual database clones also help control cloud costs by reducing data volumes and related storage requirements needed for data archiving. Learn more in this demo. 

Closing Thoughts

For almost a quarter of the Fortune 100 companies, Delphix acts as a hub for the enterprise data ecosystem by ingesting heterogeneous data sources to rapidly and securely feed enterprise data pipelines. Salesforce can be easily added as a data source to support development, site reliability engineering, and analytics teams working with Salesforce data in non-production environments. 

Learn about how to overcome your data challenges for compliance and data recovery with Delphix