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How 5 Companies Use Delphix to Power Digital Transformation

By Matthew Yeh posted 08-21-2019 11:42:04 AM

Read about 5 companies using Delphix in 5 different ways,
How 5 Companies Use Delphix to Power Digital Transformation
ranging from app development of customer-facing apps to cloud migration and more, to power digital transformation.
This article was originally published on the Delphix website here December 17, 2018.

As industry leaders relentlessly pursue digital innovation across everything they do, speed and quality of application development are central to their success. Forward-thinking companies recognize that software applications determine the quality of the experience and engagement with their customers. 

Delphix provides a platform solution that works in any environment with the data sources and applications businesses already depend on, enabling IT leaders and teams to rise to a new set of challenges in today’s digital economy. 

Here are 5 companies using Delphix in 5 different ways - ranging from app development of customer-facing apps to cloud migration and more - to power digital transformation. 

Hybrid cloud development and testing

As part of its long-term digital strategy, Dentegra Group, Inc., the largest dental benefits company in the U.S., needed to leverage the cloud to improve scalability and time to market across its application portfolio.

However, Dentegra faced a number of challenges: 1) dev/test environments in AWS were not complete with application data; 2) migrating data to the cloud was highly manual and slow; 3) they needed to secure PII and PHI before moving data into AWS. 

To solve for these challenges, Dentegra implemented a hybrid cloud architecture using AWS and the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform. Specifically, the Delphix platform collected data from Dentegra’s production applications and applied masking to protect confidential information. Then the masked data was replicated into AWS. From that cloud-based instance, teams were able to instantly provision virtual, space-efficient data copies to dev/test environments running on AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, which dramatically decreased storage requirements.

Teams were also able to move data into the cloud in just a few hours from the original 8-week timeline. With fresh, secure data available in the cloud, Dentegra was able to easily deliver new virtual data copies to a team of over 200 developers in just minutes. In concert with AWS, Delphix was able to bring greater scalability and speed to development at Dentegra. 

Protecting data breaches and enabling compliance 

Boeing Employee Credit Union (BECU), the fourth largest credit union in the U.S., was on a mission to quickly roll out updates to its online banking system to make banking easier and more convenient for its customers - all without compromising security. They needed a secure DataOps solution that would allow for sensitive data discovery, masking consistency and repeatability, out-out-the-box masking templates, a breadth of supported databases and flat files as well as the reporting and auditing of masked data. 

BECU partnered with Delphix to bolster rigorous standards for protecting confidential information. The Delphix platform consistently masked data across relational databases platforms and flat files, even as the data changed over time; identified the risk with built-in data profiling; provided pre-built masking functionality to create customer masking rules; and lastly, enabled a wide range of support for heterogeneous databases and file systems. 

As a result, the company masked nearly 700 tables, 3,500 columns and 680 million rows of data in just 15 hours; met compliance requirements by completing the implementation process in just 6 weeks; lastly, leveraged virtualization capabilities that reduced the overall time and effort to distribute masked data, making it possible to deploy products twice as fast. 

DevOps enablement & faster development and testing

eHarmony, the no.1 trusted online dating site, wanted to accelerate new releases by streamlining and improving their QA process and deliver test data faster for their two key applications - Singles and Matching - to deliver the best online dating experience to their customers. 

Key challenges included: 1) considerable time when refreshing a database; 2) labor-intensive process of creating, scrubbing and storing database snapshots; 3) limited refreshes that constrained testing teams to find and fix bugs; 4) database upgrades that triggered development freezes; 5) and a growing volume of data that required up to 70 TB of storage. 

eHarmony leveraged Delphix to implement a self-service data management solution, enabling development and QA teams to create and refresh environments as needed. Refreshes were completed in an hour, delivering relevant and accurate data to development teams in real time.  

Consequently, eHarmony projected saving more than 5,000 person hours over a three-year period through automation, saving up to nearly $3 million in costs while reducing their storage footprint of a copied database to just a fraction of the original size through compression and virtualization. 

Greater data agility allowed the IT team to shorten release cycles and respond faster to problems, ultimately optimizing the customer experience that led to higher success rates for matches and relationships. 

Faster data for analytics

European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), a global leader in the storage, analysis and distribution of life sciences datasets, managed well over 50 petabytes of data and counting. They wanted to find a way to improve database efficiency and scalability using technology that could handle very large volumes of data sitting across multiple database sources and provide full copies across multiple locations.

After deploying the Delphix platform, EMBL-EBI was able to host more than 50 virtual database environments that helped operations teams prepare and release research data faster and more frequently than before as well as deliver datasets to scientists performing bioinformatics research.

EMBL-EBI reduced data preparation timeframes by 20 percent; increased exploratory work, benchmarking or development activity; enhanced output without additional development, curation or DBA staff; decreased the total database storage by 75 percent; and most importantly, delivered more frequent releases of data. 

Development and test for ERP 

Vertex, a global provider of corporate tax solutions, was challenged with responding faster to changing business requirements and enabling speedy development cycles for its key commercial products.  

Each refresh of an ERP environment took up to 16 hours of manual effort; tests would often be run against an inconsistent version of the application; project teams were running low on infrastructure capacity, making it challenging to support additional environments and ongoing projects.  

Vertex adopted the Delphix platform that empowered the development teams to manage and automatically provision data into its non-production ERP environments. The company was able to reduce the time to provision an entire ERP environment from two weeks to just 30 minutes, provision three ERP environments in the space of one, introduce new capabilities to the business much faster than previously done and decrease non-production storage by nearly 70 percent.

When you’re able to deliver applications faster with higher quality and eliminate the constraints of data, everything becomes more efficient and everyone moves faster.

The world’s leading organizations rely on Delphix to fast-track software development and speed new applications to market. Download “Rewriting the Laws of Physics” to learn more about how to put the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform to work for your business today.