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Top Takeaways From DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019

By Michael Torok posted 10-15-2019 09:00:00 AM

Did you miss the annual DevOps World | Jenkins World conference?
Top Takeaways From DevOps World | Jenkins World 2019
No worries, we’ve got you covered. Our attendees highlight their top takeaways and learnings from this year’s event in San Francisco.
This article was originally published on the Delphix website here August 28, 2019.

For any Jenkins or DevOps practitioner, the DevOps World | Jenkins World conference is top of mind every year. Thousands of thought leaders, IT executives, and continuous delivery practitioners make their to this event to network and get up-to-speed on how to accelerate the development process with all things Jenkins and DevOps. This year in San Francisco, the keynote sessions, workshops, and discussions covered an array of topics from CI/CD IT automation to ways to ensure more secure software deployments through DevSecOps, and the evolution of cloud-native transformations

It was an exciting 3-day event for the community to come together and learn from each other— and that’s exactly what we did. Our staff shares their top takeaways from this year’s event.

It was my first time as a presenter at the Jenkins World conference, and I enjoyed connecting with the developer community to hear their stories, challenges, and goals for DevOps and CI/CD. The event was filled with people who have unique application workflows and understand how difficult it can be to use data effectively during the software development lifecycle. Events like this are going to be key for Delphix in the future as we try to directly impact how people manage the data they use for dev/testing within app development. 
Derek Smart, Senior Staff Engineer

DevOps World was a great opportunity to immerse myself in the CI/CD developer community.  The workshops provided insight into how to use Jenkins tools to manage software development projects in an automated way. Analytics was also discussed widely to identify and measure where bottlenecks exist in the delivery cycle as value stream mapping was a prominent topic. The keynote sessions reinforced the idea that DevOps is a mature movement with many companies in the industry continuing to build robust solutions. From interacting with prospects at the booth and attending the talks, data and security were big areas of interest from practitioners and IT leaders across the board as they look to leverage data for their DevOps practices. 
Andrew Pan, Senior Product Marketing Manager

DevOps World | Jenkins World gave me the opportunity to meet and connect with other developers and learn about the unique integration workflows they have built at their companies. The most exciting thing I learned about was the Continuous Delivery Foundation. The CDF is supporting the open source community's solutions for CI/CD and advocating for collaboration from the world’s top companies to deliver high quality solutions. I was pleasantly surprised to see projects like Netflix's Spinnaker and Google's Tekton joining in on this effort. As a DevOps engineer, I find this initiative engaging because I believe this platform has the potential to drive more robust and efficient solutions by providing an open space for CI/CD development and discussion. I also look forward to Delphix leveraging and contributing to the efforts of the CDF in the future.

Garrett Rodriguez, Senior Member of the Technical Staff 

There was a great vibe at this show, and it was clear that those who attended were excited to learn and be inspired. The sessions were well-attended – whether it was a half-day workshop on containers and Kubernetes or a 15-minute lightning talk on engineering digital transformation. A lot of people who stopped by our booth asked about how to build or optimize data for their CI/CD pipelines. It was clear that DevOps teams see the direct link to business success in their efforts to deliver software faster with several session topics highlighting value stream mapping as a way to create a lean pipeline. Developers also seemed to be zeroing in on slow test data delivery as a major bottleneck in reaching the release velocity that DevOps promises.

Lenore Adam, Director of Product Marketing