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Delphix Virtual Meetup: A Deep Dive into Data Control Tower

By Michael Torok posted 07-12-2023 03:16:38 PM

Delphix Virtual Meetup: A Deep Dive into Data Control Tower

Join us for a virtual meetup with our product leaders! 


Organizations face unprecedented privacy compliance risks, placing a burden on data managers to effectively mitigate these risks. However, striking a balance between compliance and productivity is a challenge as addressing these risks often leads to slower release cycles and reduced efficiency. 

Delphix's Data Control Tower (DCT) simplifies the process by providing centralized management, seamless toolchain integration, and enhanced self-service features. It automates test data management, facilitates easier data access for developers, and automates common developer tasks. DCT is designed to address privacy compliance risks effectively and streamline application lifecycle processes for deployments like yours.


To help you understand the features and benefits of Data Control Tower, we are inviting all customers to a virtual meetup with our product leaders. They will provide insights into Data Control Tower's core capabilities and how it provides the following capabilities:

  • Centralize data discovery, masking, and access control to secure the data supply chain and comply with privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR, CCPA, GLBA).

  • Automate data for CI/CD, analytics, and AI/ML workflows with pre-built integrations (e.g., Terraform, ServiceNow) to accelerate releases.

  • Enable users with compliant data access via catalog, tags, and attributed-based access controls.

  • Enable fast, ephemeral data automations with APIs to provision, refresh, bookmark, rewind, and teardown data while reducing costs.

  • Meet residency and sovereignty requirements with DCT's data mesh library that works across your existing Delphix engines.



  • Thursday, July 20th - 11am US Pacific | 2pm US Eastern | 6pm GMT
  • Wednesday, August 2nd - 10am US Pacific | 1pm US Eastern | 5pm GMT
  • Thursday, August 3rd - 12pm US Pacific | 3pm US Eastern | 7pm GMT


*Everyone is invited to join, irrespective of the North American-optimized schedule. We are actively planning future meet-ups tailored to other regions as well.

You may have received an invitation from us already. If not, and you are interested in attending, please email and let him know to which one(s) you want to be invited and he will add you to the calendar invite(s).