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A Modern Database Meets a Modern DevOps Data Platform

By Sharon Bell posted 11-08-2022 09:00:03 AM

Delphix and Cockroach Labs partner to bring automation, compliance,
A Modern Database Meets a Modern DevOps Data Platform
and resilience to test data

This article was originally published on the Delphix website here August 12, 2022. Coauthored with Brian Muskoff.

We are pleased to announce that Delphix and Cockroach Labs have partnered to build integrations between CockroachDB and the Delphix DevOps Data Platform. The joint solutions automate Continuous Data and Continuous Compliance for CockroachDB and enable data resiliency, compliance, and scalability for DevOps test data management (TDM).

With the connectors, Delphix automates data provisioning and masking of CockroachDB databases. CockroachDB users now have fast API access to compliant data thus transforming application delivery and enabling faster software releases, faster cloud migration, and 100% data compliance in DevOps test environments. 

By distributing data across a multicloud cluster, CockroachDB ensures increased resiliency and data protection. CockroachDB customers can choose where data is stored, alleviating data sovereignty concerns. Cockroach Labs offers the cloud-native database both as self-hosted and as a dedicated multi-region cloud service. 

How it Works

The Delphix DevOps Platform non-disruptively syncs data from multiple CockroachDB clusters in near real time and stores that data in an immutable data time machine. Immutability makes data safe—easy to recover from corruption, ransomware, or other downtime events.

Diagram showing how integrations between CockroachDB and the Delphix DevOps Data Platform workOnce the data is in the platform, Delphix Continuous Data can quickly provision virtual, ephemeral data from any point in time for application development and testing. API data controls enable developers and testers to bookmark, refresh, and rewind data as well as share test environments. 

Delphix Continuous Compliance provides discovery of sensitive data and irreversible masking of CockroachDB databases. Masking transforms data values into realistic yet fictitious ones, to eliminate the compliance risk of sensitive data and PII exposure. Continuous Compliance preserves referential integrity of data values across all databases. 

Delphix also makes it easier to move from legacy databases, such as SQL Server, to CockroachDB by ingesting data into Delphix, creating a virtual database, and enabling migration testing and validation, then refreshing the virtual databases from production to the CockroachDB database. 

Our mutual customers can now modernize test data for CI/CD pipelines, and cloud adoption, while ensuring zero trust for test environments.

For a deeper dive into how this works, read Cockroach Lab's blog, "A modern approach to test data management & data masking."

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