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Announcing Delphix Compliance Services for Microsoft Fabric: Automating Data Compliance in Microsoft’s Next-Generation Platform

By Tess Kassier posted 08-01-2023 09:00:12 AM


Overall, the collaboration between Delphix and Microsoft brings a wealth of value to large enterprises,

Announcing Delphix Compliance Services for Microsoft Fabric: Automating Data Compliance in Microsoft’s Next-Generation Platform

providing a seamless and efficient way to achieve multi-cloud compliance while also unifying their data estate for analytics.

This article was originally published on the Delphix website here May 23, 2023.

Today at Microsoft Build, Microsoft announced their next generation data platform, Microsoft Fabric. Delphix is proud and excited to be part of this solution and included in today’s announcement and the Microsoft Build demo session

Reflecting Microsoft and Delphix’s joint commitment to partner success and hands-on product collaboration, we collaborated on a solution to help unblock data access for wherever it’s needed across the enterprise to accelerate value generation from data — a mission tightly aligned with Delphix’s company vision. It’s been an ideal way for us to be better together, delivering the best of data compliance and data integration.

The Growing Impact of Privacy Regulations on Technology Professionals

Our customers tell us the growing framework of privacy regulations makes it harder for technology professionals who depend on sensitive data to do their jobs. For software developers, quality engineers, data analysts and scientists, AI/ML engineers, and citizen users of data, protecting privacy and complying with mandates such as GDPR and HIPAA often means relying on manual or sub-optimized processes for protecting sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), customer lists, and payment details. 

Unfortunately, these processes are not practical or sustainable. For one, they inevitably lead to delays in data access, hindering innovation, frustrating team members, and blocking citizen users from access to the data they need. But just as often they often fail to sufficiently protect data privacy, leaving sensitive data exposed to developers, testers, third parties, off-shore teams, systems administrators and others without a legitimate need-to-know. This is especially true with decentralized processes that are poorly governed across the enterprise. 

The challenge is making useful data available on demand while protecting sensitive elements from disclosure and replication.

Introducing Delphix Compliance Services for Microsoft Fabric

This is where Delphix comes into the picture. In close collaboration with Microsoft's data integration team, we have introduced Delphix Compliance Services for Microsoft Fabric. Delphix provides intelligent, scalable, and seamless data masking for Microsoft Fabric users, allowing them to achieve multicloud data compliance in a way that is secure, efficient, easy-to-manage, and sustainable.

For background, Delphix software has a proven track record of masking data across Microsoft and non-Microsoft environments. We have worked with enterprises of all sizes, industries, and geographies, to address both cybersecurity requirements and privacy mandates. Critically for cloud migration use cases, our masking technology works with both non-cloud and cloud environments, helping many businesses shift their applications and data to the cloud. With this collaboration, Microsoft and Delphix are bringing our proven technology to the Microsoft Fabric platform in an experience tailored for ease-of-use and fast path to value.

Delphix Compliance Services for Microsoft Fabric provide masking APIs as a service so users can transform sensitive data to fictitious but realistic values, all from within the data flows. Like in the below diagram, you can simply call Delphix masking APIs from within your data flow, to ensure that data is compliant when being moved from Point A to Point B: you can mask and move data all in a single data flow. This approach preserves the utility of the data for analytics and BI without disclosing sensitive values such as PII. Furthermore, the solution supports the more than 170 source and target connectors provided by Microsoft’s platform and ensures referential integrity across multicloud environments. As a result, Delphix provides masking for even the most complex analytics scenarios.

The Benefits for Developers, Data Professionals, and Citizen Users

Delphix Compliance Services was built to make privacy compliance easy and automatic. It works seamlessly with Microsoft’s platform, including a code-free experience directly within the UI. This means Microsoft users can easily configure masking rules to be applied when moving data for secure analytics. 

Delphix offers pre-built, deterministic masking algorithms to address major privacy regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA, so citizen users do not have to be experts in regulatory compliance or in data masking. The algorithms intelligently mask fields such as birth dates, phone numbers, zip codes, and other fields so they remain useful for analytics, testing, and other purposes. Once those masking algorithms have been configured, they are applied automatically, every time, for consistent protection.

Important for those users with enterprise-scale complex or multicloud data estates, our solution intelligently enforces referential integrity when masking data. This means that sensitive fields such as names, addresses, and account numbers are masked identically across data sources. For example, the patient name “Lisandra Preston” that is masked to “Iwana Villar” in one location will be masked to “Iwana Villar” in all others. This means that integrated environments will function the same way, even after masking has been applied.

The Benefits for the Enterprise

With Microsoft Fabric, Microsoft gives enterprises the ability to unify the data estate for analytics and other use cases. By collaborating with Delphix, Microsoft makes it seamless for those enterprises to apply data masking at any scale and complexity. This makes it much easier and more efficient to get value from data, unblocking data streams and accelerating the pace of innovation, while protecting data privacy.

“Data compliance is a major challenge for businesses today,” said Jedidiah Yueh, Delphix CEO. “Our multicloud data compliance and masking solution is designed to make Microsoft Fabric the easiest, most secure, and most compliant cloud in the industry.”

Underscoring the importance of our collaboration, Microsoft’s VP of Data Integration Faisal Mohamood said, “We’re pleased about the multicloud data compliance solution for use in Microsoft Fabric that the Delphix and Microsoft teams have created in close collaboration. Together, we’ve developed a robust data compliance and  integration solution for our customers.” 

By automating data compliance with our leading masking technology, the solution removes one of the most common barriers to accelerating innovation, business insights and AI/ML adoption. In turn, businesses will bring new features and capabilities to market faster without exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.

Overall, the collaboration between Delphix and Microsoft brings a wealth of value to large enterprises, providing a seamless and efficient way to achieve multicloud compliance while also unifying their data estate for analytics. With its code-free experience, built-in data governance, and out-of-the-box integrations with widely used Microsoft solutions, this solution is an ideal choice for enterprises looking to leverage their data for competitive advantage while also ensuring compliance with all major regulations.

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