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Using a remote backupserver with SAP ASE to load a dump on target/staging host

By Timothy Ackerman posted 08-24-2015 10:04:00 PM

Support for remote backupserver configurations with Delphix 4.2.x and SAP ASE

Let's say you have a sybase host, and target, and perhaps even a staging host where you would like to link a dsource on a remote host from a new full backup, most recent backup, or a specific backup filename.

In this example, the dump is taken from the source ASE onto the source host file system.

Let's say that the target/staging ASE instance name is RH65_ASE16_TGT_S1 
local backupserver name is SYBASE_01_BS
database name is 'bucks'  
the source host name is tacksyb16-src
and the target host name is tacksyb16-tgt 

After you have successfully discovered the SAP ASE environments, select a source database to create a dsource.

From the source host, login to the ASE using isql and dump the database. 

1> dump database bucks to '/tmp/backups/bucks.dmp'
2> go

The source server is the remote, relative to the target/staging server.

So, in the Add Dsource gui wizard:

The backup location is on the source host. /tmp/backups

The field "load backup server name" is set to the source host backupserver. SYBASE_01_BS

The staging host is tacksyb16-tgt.

Once you have selected the staging host, it will list the discovered ASE instances on that host.

Pick the one that you want.  In the example below, it is RH65_ASE16_TGT_S1

The remote backupserver is checked and the same source host backupserver is listed in the server name field. SYBASE_01_BS

The remote host field is actually the source, tacksyb16-src.

The remote user is the OS user you have on tacksyb16-src.  In my example below, sybase.

To do this, you need this backupserver listed in the target/staging ASE instance master..sysservers table and the correct entry in the target/staging host interfaces file for SYBASE_01_BS.

sql to staging host: 

Here is an example:

1> select srvname, srvnetname, srvclass from master..sysservers where name = 'SYBASE_01_BS'

2> go

 srvname             srvnetname              srvclass

 ---------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

SYBASE_01_BS    SYBASE_01_BS    ASEnterprise 

if it doesn't exist, or is incorrect, run this command:
sp_addserver SYBASE_01_BS

Then exit out and check the interfaces file:

vi $SYBASE/interfaces

master tcp ether {hostname_or_ip_of_source} {port}
query tcp ether {hostname_or_ip_of_source} {port}

Select “most recent backup”, and it should work.

Using the source backup server to dump to the staging backup server is not supported.  Only load database/tranlog is supported.