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Delphix V2P Capabilities

By Viral Shah posted 11-30-2015 04:05:29 PM

Delphix Virtual to Physical (V2P) out-of-box capability allows you to populate a Physical database from Delphix Virtual database aka VDB. Isn't that cool ?? Why would you need it ?? 

Imagine you have developed the code on Dev VDB and wants to do final performance testing before you push that code to Production. You need Production alike environment, and using V2P feature with a push of button you can create a Physical database using either Production or VDB snapshot.

Another useful scenario would be to recover a Production datafile or set of datafiles rather than performing whole DR exercise. V2P has an option to only "mount" database so you can retrieve specific datafile(s) and copy them to Production for recovery.  

V2P can also be very helpful in moving your Production data to Cloud or even to another Data Centers. Once your Delphix starts capturing data on remote site, using V2P you can "re-hydrate" the data into Physical databases. Using Delphix and its V2P capability, it can accelerate your data move for both Non-Prod and Prod environments.

Typically, Delphix VDB provision/refresh process takes few minutes irrespective of dataset size as Delphix shares those 99+% common data blocks, but V2P process depending on the database size and the Network & storage characteristics would take little more time. 

However, Delphix does provide capability to accelerate the data transfer by offering the option to parallelize the data stream and even compressing the data during transfer. Since V2P process can be a long running operation for TB databases, V2P also has resumability capability to pick up from where it left after an outage.

Since Delphix is storage agnostic, V2P operation provides flexibility of restoring Datasets on any storage platform unlike typical Storage solution, which requires identical platform. Also Delphix V2P operation can be orchestrated "alone" by Delphix Administrators without any dependency on other Admin teams. 

Depending on your Requirements and Use cases, Delphix V2P offers flexibility and ease-of-use to populate Physical datasets literally with a few clicks !!