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  • 1.  Manual Snapshot using web-api call

    Posted 08-14-2016 07:46:00 PM
    Manual Snapshot using web-api call. I am trying to automate the end-2-end vdb provision using WebApi. I am currently stuck at building curl api for Oracle snaphost creation. Can anyone help?

  • 2.  RE: Manual Snapshot using web-api call
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    Posted 08-14-2016 09:57:00 PM
    Hi Shilpa,

    first of all, you have to create a session with the server and authenticate with it. All information about session is stored in a cookie file. You'll find an example here:

    Second you have to use the sync api to make a snapshot:
    POST /resources/json/delphix/database/{YOUR_DB_CONTAINER_REFERENCE}/sync
        "type": "OracleSyncParameters"

    In order to know your db container reference, you could get the database list:
    GET /resources/json/delphix/database

    You can get all api doc into your browser:

    Best Regrads.