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  • 1.  DXMC to add TABLES in RULESET

    Posted 05-30-2021 06:05:00 AM
    Hello Team,

    Thanks for the DXMC utility, kindly let me know how we can add all tables present in schema into that rule set.

    With DXMC toolkit we can add application,Enviornment,connector and ruleset only 
    Please tell me how to add tables in rule set

    Below command will add only rule set but there is no tables in that rule set, so how can i add tables into that rule set using DXMC?
    dxmc ruleset add --rulesetname RS_ETO_LPO --connectorname CO_ETO_LPO --envname ETO

    Pankaj Asegaonkar
    Delphix Community Members

  • 2.  RE: DXMC to add TABLES in RULESET

    Posted 05-31-2021 01:38:00 AM
    You can use command:
    dxmc ruleset addmeta --rulesetname RULESET_NAME --envname ENVIRONMENT_NAME --metaname TABLE_NAME
    Options are:

      --rulesetname TEXT              Ruleset name where table or file will be added  [required]

      --envname TEXT                  Environment name where ruleset exist

      --metaname TEXT                 Name of table or file to add to ruleset

      --custom_sql TEXT               Custom SQL specified for table

      --where_clause TEXT             Where clause specified for table

      --having_clause TEXT            Having clause specified for table

      --key_column TEXT               Key column specified for table

      --file_format TEXT              File format of added file

      --file_delimiter TEXT           Delimited used in added file

      --file_eor [linux|windows|custom]  End of record used in file. For custom value    file_eor_custom is needed

      --file_eor_custom TEXT          Custom end of record in added file

      --file_enclosure TEXT           Enclosure of fields in added file

      --file_name_regex               Flag is file name is a regular expression  and not a singlefile name

      --inputfile FILENAME            Name and path of CSV file used to load metadata

      --fromconnector                 Add tables fetched from connector filtered by filter if fetchfilter is specified

      --fetchfilter TEXT              Filter metadata fetched from connector ( * is allowed as a wildcard, ex. EMP* to load all tables started with EMP)

      --bulk                          Use bulk method to add medatata from file or  connector table list

      --format [fixed|csv|json]       Output format

      --engine TEXT                   Engine name

      --debug                         Enables debug mode.

      --logfile TEXT                  Logfile path and name

      --help                          Show this message and exit.

    You can always add --help argument to get all options for a specific command.
    BR .. Tino

    Tino Pironti
    Technical Services

  • 3.  RE: DXMC to add TABLES in RULESET

    Posted 06-03-2021 03:45:00 AM
    I have tried with many combination but not able to add all tables from connector list

    Example: In ruleset have 100 tablesand i would like to add all 100 tables in rule set then what will be command?

    Please provide exact command.

    Pankaj Asegaonkar
    Delphix Community Members

  • 4.  RE: DXMC to add TABLES in RULESET
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-04-2021 03:20:00 AM

    You can use 

    dxmc ruleset addmeta --rulesetname RULESET_NAME --envname ENVIRONMENT_NAME --fromconnector --bulk

    to add all tables which are visible for connector. If you need filter use --fetchfilter if you need to filter it.

    Please check --help command example of filter.


    Marcin Przepiorowski
    Technical Manager

  • 5.  RE: DXMC to add TABLES in RULESET

    Posted 06-04-2021 03:24:00 AM
    Thanks a lot marcin..!
    Working perfectly for me..!

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pankaj Asegaonkar.|Mob- +91-9689996500.|Email-