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  • 1.  Webinar for Delphix 5.0!

    Posted 04-13-2016 05:24:00 PM
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    Delphix recently announced a major update to its industry-leading data operations platform, delivering technology enhancements designed to accelerate and simplify secure application development.

    Join this webinar (on Wednesday April 20th @ 10am PST) to learn about new features in Delphix 5.0 that speed project delivery and strengthen enterprise security:

    • Selective Data Distribution: Mask sensitive data in a production zone and replicate that masked data to non-production—key for hybrid cloud deployments, offshore QA, or outsourced analytics
    • Full support for Oracle E-Business Suite Multi-node AppsTier: Automatically deploy full-stack EBS environments in minutes, reducing upgrade, patching, and customization cycles for EBS
    • Improved Masked VDB Provisioning Workflow:Enable seamless creation of masked virtual data environments while also improving development productivity
    • IBM DB2 Support: Expanded support for DB2 positions Delphix to become the single, secure data repository for all major database platforms in the enterprise

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