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Announcing Masking Sidekick

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  • 1.  Announcing Masking Sidekick

    Posted 02-23-2021 03:01:00 PM
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    Masking Sidekick, formerly known as Masking AI Agent, is now available in the Delphix public GitHub repository

    What is Masking Sidekick?

    Masking Sidekick is a utility built using python 3.x which helps to address many challenges you may face during the operationalizing of masking activities. This tool helps:
    • Intelligently load balance masking jobs across multiple engines.
    • Sync job/environment/global objects/entire engine using source engine.
    • Backup / Restore masking engine metadata to / from the file system.

    Where can I find documentation?

    Detailed documentation is in progress. A text file (Instructions.txt) is available in the GitHub repository that will help get you started as the documentation is finalized.

    With what versions of the Masking Engine has the utility been successfully used?

    The utility has been executed against Masking Engine versions through

    What platforms are supported for this utility?

    Mac, Windows 64, and Linux

    Do I need to Install Python and dependent packages on my machine?

    No. The utility comes as compiled code for Mac, Windows 64, and Linux.

    Is this my Backup/Recovery Tool?

    This utility is complementary to your backup solutions, like VM Snapshot, Veem backup, et cetera. This utility will help to (a) dump your metadata to filesystem and restore from backups taken to filesystem and (b) sync your primary masking engine with a backup engine. In both cases, Object IDs will change, but names will remain the same.
    Note: Always get ID by Name in your masking automation script/workflow to avoid any issues due to ID change.

    What is the support model?

    The utility is developed by the Delphix Professional Services team as an open-source project. Masking Sidekick is supported by the Open Source community only and will not be supported through your Delphix Support agreement.

    Can I file RFEs / Issues?

    You may file requests for enhancements on GitHub. This does not imply a commitment to include, update, or change the functionality of the original utility.

    URL for the GitHub repository

    ​​​​Special call out to @Ajay Thotangare for all his work here!​

    Michael Torok
    Director of Knowledge and Community Management