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  • 1.  VDB provision with limited data

    Posted 04-16-2020 04:22:00 AM
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    Could you please help me in provisioning a VDB with only limited data. To explain further lets suppose we have a dSource with data from last 1 year and daily new data are flowing in. Now i want to provision a VDB with only data that has been inserted from last 2 months. I do not want to have data in the VDB older than 2 months. How it can be achieved?

    One method is using hook, run a script to purge old data before provision? Is there any other way??

    Abhinav Chandra
    Team Leader

  • 2.  RE: VDB provision with limited data

    Posted 04-16-2020 09:35:00 AM
    No replies, thread closed.
    Hi Abhinav,
    This section of the community is actually used for questions about the community itself. I know that might be confusing... let me know if you have any suggestions for how we might rename it. Feel free to message me here in the community or email me. Basically, this area if for questions about how to post, sign in, blog, create an idea... that type of activity.
    In any case, your question is being answered in the Delphix Products community hereso I'm going to close this thread.


    Michael Torok
    Director of Knowledge and Community Management