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Tip of the Day: Using the CLI to Migrate an Oracle VDB

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  • 1.  Tip of the Day: Using the CLI to Migrate an Oracle VDB

    Posted 07-14-2014 04:49:00 PM
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    VDBs can be moved (or migrated) between hosts by changing the source repository associated with the VDB source config. This operation is currently only available via the CLI.

    1. Select the source associated with the VDB. By default, sources are named the same as the VDB.
         delphix > ls
         delphix> source "vexample"
    2. Disable the source by running the disablecommand and committing the operation.
         delphix source "example"> disable
         delphix source "vexample" disable *> commit
              Dispatched job JOB-171
              SOURCE_DISABLE job started for "vexample".
              Starting disable of virtual database.
              Unexporting storage.
              Virtual database disable successful.
    SOURCE_DISABLE job for "vexample" completed successfully.
         delphix source "vexample">
    3.Select the source config associated with the source. By default this is also the same name as the VDB.
         delphix source "example"> get config
         delphix source "vexample"> /sourceconfig "vexample"
         delphix sourceconfig "example">
    4. Update the repository and repository user associated with the source config.
         delphix sourceconfig "example"> update
         delphix sourceconfig "vexample" update *> set repository='/opt/oracle/product/'
         delphix sourceconfig "vexample" update *> set environmentUser=
         delphix sourceconfig "vexample" update *> commit
         delphix sourceconfig "vexample">
    5.Enable the source.
         delphix sourceconfig "vexample" > /source "vexample" enable
         delphix source "vexample" enable *> commit
              Dispatched job JOB-173
              SOURCE_ENABLE job started for "vexample".
              Starting enable of virtual database.
              Exporting storage.
              Virtual database enable successful.
              SOURCE_ENABLE job for "vexample" completed successfully.
         delphix sorceconfig "vexample">

    Please note these restrictions:
    • When migrating a RAC VDB, the host of each OracleRACInstance must be updated as well.
    • The mount point of the VDB source cannot be changed.
    • The database_unique_name and db_name cannot be changed.
    • The new environment and repository must be a compatible target environment.