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  • 1.  Looking Forward

    Posted 05-31-2019 08:36:00 PM
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    Hello everyone,

    I should have introduced myself a long time ago here. That is one of the issues we are looking to solve... but, I get ahead of myself.

     As you might have guessed, my name is Michael Torok. I am the Director of Knowledge and Community here at Delphix. What does that mean?Mainly, I am your point of contact for knowledge base ( and community ( questions and concerns. I have been working with my team to put together a more cohesive experience for you, our partners, customers, and the Delphix team. Some of that is backend engine type of tweaks (we’ve started tagging our knowledge content more consistently, we’re looking at successful and failed search results to help you find what you need) and others have and will be more obvious (we’ve reorganized the knowledge articles and introduced a cohesive style for articles going forward). Those two parentheticals focus on our Knowledgebase system... but, the community is headed into brand new waters.

    We will be migrating our community to a new platform. Our new platform will allow us to better highlight you, our engaged members, and provide a platform that can grow as we become the destination for DataOps. You will be able to blog about your experiences and share your wins with the larger community. We are definitely not looking to take away our support function, our ‘just in time’ fixes; you will still be able to reach us through the discussion functions of the new site. But, we wanted to move to a place that was not just the same pattern of ask, get an answer, go away until you have another question. At the same time, I have had many internal conversations here at Delphix, and I believe you will see even more engagement than ever before from our side. We will answer, but we want to be much more.

    We want to be your destination.

    We encourage you to make our new community a place where you provide your expertise and look to grow your knowledge with other member’s experiences. We want you to be the stars.

    Ever wanted to blog about your experiences as a DataOps professional? Feel free to do so here. Have a difficult rollout planned and looking for suggestions from others who have faced the same thing? Let us be the location for that query. How did you take your DataOps journey to the next peak? How did you get your organization to adopt Delphix in the DataOps stack and how do you deliver data on demand to your customers (internal or external)? Share and learn here.

    Have an idea for the product? Create an idea in our ideation portal and vote it up. See other people’s ideas and vote for them. Ideas will be a main way to get your needs addressed in the product and to see where we are heading. Vote for the ideas that you need and watch as we incorporate them into the product.

    Are you looking to roll your own? Have you delved into the toolkits, created your own connectors, explored our open source projects? Tell us. Show us your work. Share your git repo. We want to celebrate with you.

    Connect with your peers and professionals you admire. Let us help you build the right solutions in your environments; help us connect you with partners and augment your experience with the right additions; help us get the word out about our open source projects; and, help us organize your next DataOps event. We want to empower you to start local meetups and we’ll provide the digital space to get that going. Your success is our focus.’s coming and will live at this same URL. Stay tuned.


    Thank you,