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Tip of the Day: Oracle LogSync Policy Settings

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  • 1.  Tip of the Day: Oracle LogSync Policy Settings

    Posted 07-16-2014 05:54:00 PM
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    LogSync settings are accessible only during the Add dSource process, and on the back of the dSource card.

    • Enabled - LogSync adds log files from the source database to the dSource, enabling the ability to provision a VDB from a specific point in time or, a database change number (SCN in the case of Oracle databases, LSN for SQL Server databases). LogSync must be enabled for this provisioning functionality to work.You can enable LogSync for both Oracle and SQL Server dSources. For Oracle dSources, LogSync is disabled  if the source database is detected to be mounted but not open.
    • Archive OnlyArchive and Online Redo - these settings determine whether LogSync fetches logs from archive storage in the source database file system, or both the file system and online redo logs. Setting Archive Only permits the use of LogSync with raw devices or Oracle Automatic Storage Management devices. If LogSync detects that the online logs reside on a raw device or ASM storage during the dSource creation process, and is in Archive and Online Redo mode, it will automatically enter into Archive Only mode. These settings apply to Oracle databases only.
    Please Note: LogSync must be enabled for Oracle physical standby databases in Level Backup mode and using Real Time Apply mod