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Tip of the Day: Common CLI Commands

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  • 1.  Tip of the Day: Common CLI Commands

    Posted 06-11-2014 05:48:00 PM
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    Here are some of the most common commands you can use in the CLI:

    children: Display all statically defined children valid for the current context. (These children can be targets of the cd command)
    commands: Display all build in commands valid for this context
    help: Display all commands and properties valid for the current context. Specifying a command or property will provide more information about the command or object. 
    operations: Display available context-specific operations. These operations require an explicit "commit" command to execute the operation, or "discard" to abort it.
    back: Return to the previous visited valid context. 
    revert: Revert a particular proper to its default value, either the value of the underlying object during an update, or the default command input value.
    set: Set the value of one or more properties. These properties can be specified as "name=value", or as simply the property name. 
    unset: Clear the current value of the property.
    getopt: Get the current value of a global configuration option. The list of global operations can be reviewed by running "help getopt" but include options for controlling JSON output (format), tracing HTTP calls (trace), and enabling synchronous job sematics (wait).