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Tip of the Day: Tuning Kernel NFS Client for Solaris

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  • 1.  Tip of the Day: Tuning Kernel NFS Client for Solaris

    Posted 08-21-2014 05:31:00 PM
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    Note: When exclusively using Oracle's Direct NFS Feature (dNFS), it is unnecessary to tune the native NFS client. However, tuning network parameters is still relevant and may improve performance.

    On systems using Oracle Solaris Zones, the kernel NFS client can only be tuned from the global zone.

    On Solaris, by default the maximum I/O size used for NFS read or write requests is 32K.  When Oracle does I/O larger than 32K, the I/O is broken down into smaller requests that are serialized. This may result in poor I/O performance. To increase the maximum I/O size:

    1. As superuser, add to the /etc/system file:

      * For Delphix: change the maximum NFS block size to 1M
      set nfs:nfs3_bsize=0x100000

    2. Run this command:

      # echo "nfs3_bsize/W 100000" | mdb -kw

      **It is critical that the above command be executed exactly as shown, with quotations and space. Errors in the command may cause a system panic and reboot.**

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