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Tip of the Day: SQL Server Set Up and a Windows User

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  • 1.  Tip of the Day: SQL Server Set Up and a Windows User

    Posted 04-28-2014 07:14:00 PM
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    *There must be a Windows user (for example, delphix_trgt) for the target host that can be used by the Delphix Engine. This can be a Windows domain or a local user. However, a local user account will prevent the target host from being used as a staging target. *

    The Windows User need to meet these requirements:

    1. Must be a member of the local Administrators group for access to discovery operations on source hosts, and for mounting iSCSI LUNs presented by the Delphix Engine to the target host.
    2. Must have the server role sysadmin for each SQL Server instance that the Delphix Engine will communicate with.
      In SQL Server Management Studio, navigate to Security > Logins >delphix_trgt > Server Roles to set this role for the user. 
    3. Must have Log on as a batch job rights so the Delphix Engine can remotely execute commands via Powershell.
      Using the secpol.msc security policy editor, navigate to Local Policies > User Rights Assignment > Log on as a batch job to set this right.