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Tip of the Day: Managing Environment Users

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  • 1.  Tip of the Day: Managing Environment Users

    Posted 04-15-2014 05:47:00 PM
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    If you want to add or delete users from your Environments look at the following:
    1. Log into the Delphix Admin application using Delphix Admin credentials.

    2. Select Manage > Environments.

    3. In the Environments panel, click on the name of an environment to open the environment information screen.

    4. Under Basic Information, click the green Plus icon to add a user.

    5. Enter the Username and Password for the OS user in that environment.

    6. Click the Check icon to save your new user.

    7. Click the Pencil icon next to Environment Users to change the primary user for this environment.

    8. Click the Trash Can icon next to a username to delete that user.
    Managing Users will allow for different privileges for those Users in different areas of the Delphix Engine, for more information about User Privileges look at this article about User Privileges for Delphix Objects.