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  • 1.  Customer Insight Program

    Posted 03-31-2014 03:10:00 PM
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    Influence Delphix's product direction to help ensure we're aligned with your needs. Interviews, early solution validation, UI / Usability reviews, advisory boards, hosted Betas, onsite Betas, and customer events are some of the ways to participate in the Delphix Customer Insight Program.

    Additional benefits for participating include: establish a strategic relationship with Delphix, with a direct channel to engineering and access to experts; participate in events and receive giveaways.
    Please Register">">Register for the Customer Insight Program to learn more about the program and tell us what is of most interest to you.

    There are several features that you can help influence in the coming weeks and months, including support for: 
    • Sybase 
    • Oracle 12c 
    • MySQL 
    • End user self-service 
    • AWS/EC2
    • AppData 
    • Centralized monitoring