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  • 1.  SL algo

    Posted 07-13-2017 04:40:00 AM
    I have a table having around 30000+ rows. The COUNTY column I wanted to mask and using SL algo. I added a file with the data. If I look at the data, I have only few hundred rows of unique values. But when applied, the masking results NULL. Am I doing something wrong? Note: This conversation was created from a reply on: Tip of the Day: Adding a Secure Lookup Algorithm.

  • 2.  RE: SL algo
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    Posted 08-02-2017 06:40:00 AM
    When you create your own Secure Lookup algorithm please follow these rules how to create the file with the masked values:
    - Write the values of your list one by one into a text file, each value on a new line. Your values can consist of multiple words including white spaces or punctuation marks.
    - Make sure your list doesn't end with an empty line, i.e. no carriage return at the end of your last value.
    - No trailing spaces
    - Store the list as UTF-8 text with no BOM (Byte Order Mark).

    Note: Some text editors including Notepad on Windows write a signature which marks the following text as Unicode at the beginning of a UTF-8 file. This signature is called the Byte Order Marker = BOM.
    A present BOM will cause trouble so that any masking job will fail that uses a Secure Lookup algorithm that was created by uploading a UTF-8 file with BOM. Make sure to remove any present BOM prior to uploading that list. Notepad is not a good editor for Secure Lookup lists because it can't suppress the BOM.