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  • 1.  CPU Optimization

    Posted 10-21-2014 05:58:00 PM

    Instead of adding another Delphix server to provision more VDBs, can we simply add faster physical CPUs and memories to enable the server to provision another 10 or 20 VDBs?

    In other words, is there any case that it would be economical to purchase and add faster CPUs or more memories rather than adding purchasing another Delphix license?


  • 2.  RE: CPU Optimization
    Best Answer

    Posted 10-23-2014 11:02:00 AM
    Our experience is that Delphix generally runs best on hosts with 8 vCPUs, and this is how the majority of our customers are using Delphix. We do have customers that license servers with 16 or more vCPUs for specific workloads. The number of VDBs you can run on your Delphix Engine is determined by the overall capacity of your infrastructure. I/O throughput to the VDBs is the primary driver of resource consumption. To determine the appropriate sizing for your engine, Delphix analyzes the I/O requirements for the databases you would like to virtualize. Based on the throughput and IOPs requirements for those databases. Then we recommend appropriate performance characteristics for CPU, memory, storage, and network. Our Customer Services team offers this sizing as a service. If you are planning to grow your Delphix Engine significantly I recommend you speak to your sales rep about getting assistance with Delphix sizing.

  • 3.  RE: CPU Optimization

    Posted 10-23-2014 10:46:00 PM
    Thank you very much, Darin!!
    That makes sense.