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  • 1.  Policies Snapsync Sql Server

    Posted 05-19-2015 06:33:00 PM
    How the SQL Server  snapsyncs  works through a policy for a dsource?

    I would like to  have a daily routine to keep synchronized with production dsource.

    The logsync of the Sql Server is already enabled.


  • 2.  RE: Policies Snapsync Sql Server
    Best Answer

    Posted 05-28-2015 04:47:00 PM
    Hi Carlos,
    For SQL Server we create a Snapshot each time a t-log is backed up, or you can also take a manual Snapshot which would link to the latest full backup.

    For Oracle the default Snapshot runs daily at 3:30 am for all dSources and VDBs, if you would like to change the time or run a second Snapsync you can follow these directions: Creating">">Creating Policy Templates.