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  • 1.  How do I provision vFiles from RAC?

    Posted 12-23-2014 04:20:00 PM
    I am trying to provision vFiles to an Oracle RAC environment but when I select this environment in the GUI, it says "Incompatible target environment". Is this truly a restriction? Is there no way to provision vFiles to a RAC environment?


  • 2.  RE: How do I provision vFiles from RAC?
    Best Answer

    Posted 12-23-2014 04:22:00 PM
    The vFiles feature is not available on Oracle RAC source or target environments. In order to link or provision data to hosts within RAC clusters, each relevant host must be added to the Delphix Engine separately as a Unix environment.

    During the provisioning process, if you'd like to mount a single vFiles across multiple hosts, "Additional Mount Points" may be specified with a "Shared Path" set to "/".