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  • 1.  Does Delphix support NFS V4 yet?

    Posted 10-27-2014 05:55:00 PM
    Have a client that uses NFS V4. We were able to work around in the POV, but wanted to know when official support will be available. Tim

  • 2.  RE: Does Delphix support NFS V4 yet?
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    Posted 10-27-2014 10:11:00 PM
    Delphix uses NFS and iSCSI as transports, but -- by design -- they are implementation details and users never need to interact directly with either. It would be useful to understand why the NFS version was relevant for your customer; NFS v4 is not presently on the roadmap because NFS v3 has both been sufficient and has a longer compatibility list especially considering legacy systems.