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  • 1.  Replication of only "Empty schema VDB"

    Posted 09-08-2020 12:20:00 PM
    We would like to replicate only a VDB with our truncated empty (3rd party) schema.

    Current process:
    • Create a VDB from our production dSource
    • Truncate all of the tables via a 'hook'
    • Replicate it

    All of the snapshots and full dSource are replicated along with it the VDB which means someone can 
    • create a new VDB of the non-truncated source OR
    • rewind the truncated VDB
    When we replicate masked VDBs, SDD just replicates the masked VDB so we don't have this issue.

    Any suggestions?

    Lisa G
    Database Engineer III

  • 2.  RE: Replication of only "Empty schema VDB"

    Posted 09-08-2020 04:49:00 PM
    Hi Lisa,

    You can mark the VDB as masked during the creation by checking the  Mask this VDB option and under that mask using scripts.
    Then create an SDD replication profile to replicate it. This will ensure only the VDB is available as an object in your non-prod engine.


    Vikram Kulkarni
    Director, Presales Engineering