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  • 1.  Masking non-english characters using Delphix

    Posted 11-19-2021 02:52:00 AM
    Hi Team,

    Does Delphix support masking of non-english characters such as Japanese, Chinese etc. stored in a database or a file ? Is there any specific masking algorithm to do this ? Please help.


    Rajat Solanki
    Delphix Community Members

  • 2.  RE: Masking non-english characters using Delphix
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    Posted 11-19-2021 04:29:00 AM
    Hi Rajat,
    Yes, you can check the encoding support for most algorithms at
    Page down on that page and you’ll see a list of out of the box algorithms and a column called encoding. UTF-8 implies double byte character support.

    Gary Hallam
    Director, Channel Business EMEA, APAC

  • 3.  RE: Masking non-english characters using Delphix

    Posted 11-30-2021 01:43:00 AM
    You can create UTF-8 encoded Secure Lookup lookup lists using japanese, chinese characters, one line is one result value > framework SecureLookup.
    SecureLookup always creates "collisions" means you cannot use it for anything that requires uniqueness.

    Another option is to use CharacterMapping, create your own character groups using Japanese or Chinese characters, For input string each character is replaced by another character of some character group.

    One more option is MAPPING (version 6.0.10 onwards) which is created somehow similar like SecureLookup BUT it does a unique mapping between input <> output. Disadvantage is that you need to have minimum same amount of unique values in lookup as you have unique values in input.

    With best regards .. Tino Pironti

    Tino Pironti
    Technical Manager