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  • 1.  DXMC to add connector

    Posted 05-30-2021 06:01:00 AM
    Hello Please use below command to add connector 
    dxmc connector add --envname NAME --connectorname CONN_NAME --connectortype oracle --host DBSERVER --sid DBNAME --schemaname SCHEMA_NAME --port PORTNUMBER --username UNAME --password PASSWORD

    Pankaj Asegaonkar
    Delphix Community Members

  • 2.  RE: DXMC to add connector
    Best Answer

    Posted 05-31-2021 01:30:00 AM

    You can use command:

    dxmc ruleset addmeta --rulesetname RULESET_NAME --envname ENVIRONMENT_NAME --metaname TABLE_NAME

    Options are:

      --rulesetname TEXT              Ruleset name where table or file will be

                                      added  [required]

      --envname TEXT                  Environment name where ruleset exist

      --metaname TEXT                 Name of table or file to add to ruleset

      --custom_sql TEXT               Custom SQL specified for table

      --where_clause TEXT             Where clause specified for table

      --having_clause TEXT            Having clause specified for table

      --key_column TEXT               Key column specified for table

      --file_format TEXT              File format of added file

      --file_delimiter TEXT           Delimited used in added file

      --file_eor [linux|windows|custom]

                                      End of record used in file. For custom value

                                      file_eor_custom is needed

      --file_eor_custom TEXT          Custom end of record in added file

      --file_enclosure TEXT           Enclosure of fields in added file

      --file_name_regex               Flag is file name is a regular expression

                                      and not a singlefile name

      --inputfile FILENAME            Name and path of CSV file used to load


      --fromconnector                 Add tables fetched from connector filtered

                                      by filter if fetchfilter is specified

      --fetchfilter TEXT              Filter metadata fetched from connector ( *

                                      is allowed as a wildcard, ex. EMP* to load

                                      all tables started with EMP)

      --bulk                          Use bulk method to add medatata from file or

                                      connector table list

      --format [fixed|csv|json]       Output format

      --engine TEXT                   Engine name

      --debug                         Enables debug mode.

      --logfile TEXT                  Logfile path and name

      --help                          Show this message and exit.

    You can always add --help argument to get all options for a specific command.

    BR .. Tino