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  • 1.  Unable to login in Delphix on ec2

    Posted 07-31-2019 08:55:00 PM
    Hi team,

    I am ashutoshh , i am trying to deploy delphix engine on top of aws cloud ec2 have done it successfully 
    but it comes to login screen i am using 

    default username is name :   delphix_admin
    default password is :   instance-id of ec2 

    but its not working  

    i have gone through docs by delphix but no help 


    Ashutoshh singh
    Higher Logic Community Members

  • 2.  RE: Unable to login in Delphix on ec2
    Best Answer

    Posted 08-01-2019 04:07:00 AM
    Hi Ashutoshh,
    Regarding your query on logging into the Delphix Engine as of version 5.3.1 the login name is admin rather than delphix_admin as per:

    The first document above advises :

    Logging in for the first time

    The first time you login to the Delphix Engine, follow these steps:

    • Enter the default Administration User: admin.
    • Enter the default password: the Instance ID for your Delphix Engine.

    You can find your instance ID in the Instances section of the AWS EC2 Management Console.

    I hope this answers your query.

    Many Thanks


    Darren White
    Senior Support Specialist