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  • 1.  Oracle

    Posted 01-25-2021 08:06:00 AM
    Dear Community Members,

    We need to migrate the Source Database (Currently hosted on Bare Metal 3 Node RAC - Oracle 12cR1) to Exadata (2 Node RAC 19c). 

    In the current setup, the Source Database has a copy of dSource (12c) being leveraged for 12 VDB's (as Lower Env DEV/TST/UAT/SYS). On Exadata, we use TDE Encryption as the default setting. Current dSource is non-TDE. 

    Post Source Database Migrated on Exadata (with TDE Enabled Copy), how to make current dSource Copy to be leveraged.

    Do we need to build a new Copy of dSource and refresh all VDB's from 19c dSource?  OR Is there a more effective route to use the current dSource to enable on 19c with TDE Enabled?

    Please share your inputs.

    Thank You !!

    Sharad Gupta
    Sr Data Engineer
    UHG - Optum

  • 2.  RE: Oracle
    Best Answer

    Posted 01-25-2021 08:06:00 PM
    Hi Sharad,

    If you are migrating database from existing host to new host ( non-exadata to exadata ) via standby database and then switchover, then you will be able to update delphix config to reflect this change and everything will run as normal.
    You can then setup TDE on 12c exadata. For VDB refresh to be successful, you will need to setup VDBs for TDE by copying wallet when all good you can plan for upgrading to 19c. Please note when setting up TDE you will need to account for storage space increase in delphix as you may loose compression benefits.
    It can be also done by reingesting new dSource - this means recreating all VDBs whenever they need refresh.
    Your options will depend on what route you want to take and your upgrading planning ( step by step ) or in 1 go.

    Ajay Thotangare
    Technical Manager