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Installing Delphix Express along with Landshark demo environment

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  • 1.  Installing Delphix Express along with Landshark demo environment

    Posted 07-07-2015 07:00:00 PM
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    Here is a video stepping through the installation of Delphix Express along with the Landshark demo environment:


    Delphix Express is a VM and is supplied via an OVA file. Landshark consists of two OVA files. One OVA is for a Linux source VM which has an Oracle XE database and a web application. The other OVA is a Linux target VM with Oracle binaries by no database. The Linux target VM has scripts that run automatically and look for the Delphix Express VM and the Linux source VM and automatically link the XE database into the Delphix Express engine along with the web application. Delphix Express VM is delivered as an OVA as well. Basically all it takes to setup Delphix Express is to import the OVA files in your hypervisor (currently works with VMware and Virtualbox). After importing the OVA files and starting up the VMs one can connect to the Delphix Express engine via a web browser. When Delphix Express is access the first time it will ask some initial setup questions. The setup of Delphix Express will ask for a password for the default login user, delphix_admin. If one gives the password "landshark" for the delphix_admin then the Linux target VM scripts will find it and login via CLI commands and register the data sources on the source VM. 

    The install and setup steps are outlined on

    Total install time 15 - 30 minutes.
    1. Download the OVAs for Delphix Express, Linux Source, and Linux Target for your hypervisor (VMware or Virtualbox).
    2. Import the OVAs. This takes 2-4 minutes.
    3. Power on the VMs. Delphix Express takes 5-10 minutes power on and start management stack fully.
    4. You should see the IP addresses on the console for each VM.
      1. OPTIONAL: Steps for those who need to configure a static IP address.
      2. OPTIONAL: If you are adding the Landshark VMs to your corporate network, you may want to disable the network discovery routine.
      Linux Consoles should look like:

      Delphix Console should look like:
    5. Make sure you can ping each of the VMs and that the Linux target VM can ping the Linux Source and Delphix. If you cannot ping, check the network settings.
      1. VMware users, under network adaptors, set 
        1. MAC :  Share with MAC
        2. PC :     NAT
      2. Virtual Box users, under settings, network
        1. Bridge adaptor 
        2. if you still cannot ping, try using "Nat Network" with port forwarding rules.
    6. In a browser, type the URL http://IP _of_Delphix_engine where you get the IP from the console of the Delphix VM.
    7. Step through the installation. For sysadmin, you can assign any password. Generally, you can accept all the defaults. Configuration takes 2 - 4 minutes to initialize after setting startup parameters.
      1. The initial installation will ask you to register Delphix Express. Registering Delphix Express requires a Delphix user account. If you do not already have a Delphix user account, you can set one up quickly and easily at
    8. Once the initial setup is complete, re-login to the admin Delphix Express web user interface (UI) as delphix_admin (password will be in your download email). 
      1. IMPORTANT: Change the password to landshark (all lowercase).
      2. After setup, the Web UI should look like:
      3. Upon changing the delphix_admin password to landshark, Landshark will begin to discover the entire environment and provision.

    The initial automated setup of source and target with Delphix Express might take a couple of minutes to begin and will take 4-5 minutes to complete. You can follow along in the logs on the LINUXSOURCE (/home/delphix/landshark_daemon.log) and LINUXTARGET (/home/delphix/landshark_setup.log).

    After those installations are complete, Landshark will automatically add the Linux Environments and Groups to the Delphix Engine.

    When Landshark has finished, the Delphix web UI should look like:

    For any questions, go to the Delphix Express and Landshark forum at

    Almost all problems with the Delphix Express and Landshark setup come from network issues. Make sure after starting up the VMs that one can ping all the VMs. If the VMs are not reachable check the network settings in the hypervisor. For VMware the networks should be set to "NAT" on Windows, Linux and ESX or on Macs to  "share with my Mac". On Virtual Box networks should be set to "Bridge Adaptor".  Next if auto configuation doesn't happen, one can log into the Linux target as delphix/delphix and add the IP addresses in the file in Set "linux_source_ip = " to the Linux source IP and set "engine_address =" to the IP address of the Delphix Express IP and finally set "discovery_enabled = False" then kill the process and restart