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Tip of the Day: Customizing PostgreSQL VDB Configuration Settings

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  • 1.  Tip of the Day: Customizing PostgreSQL VDB Configuration Settings

    Posted 05-20-2014 06:47:00 PM
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    When you create a VDB, configuration settings are copied from the dSource and used to create the VDB. Most settings are copied directly, and you can see these settings by clicking the Advanced link in the Target Environment screen in the VDB Provisioning Wizard. When a VDB is provisioned, you can specify configuration parameters directly. It is important to know, however, that some configuration parameters are not customizable, and some are stripped out during the provisioning process but are customizable. The list of restricted and customizable parameters can be found below.
    VDB Access Control

    *By default, VDBs are provisioning with a pg_hba.conf file that only permits local connections to the VDB. To enable remote connections to VDBs, customize the pg_hba.conf settings in the provisioning wizard.

    Restricted Parameters

    These parameters are restricted for use by the Delphix Engine. Attempting to customize these parameters will cause an error during the provisioning process.

    • archive_command
    • archive_mode
    • wal_level
    • port
    • data_directory
    • config_file
    • hba_file
    • ident_file
    • max_stack_depth
    • wal_segment_size
    • block_size
    • lc_ctype
    • segment_size
    • wal_block_size
    • lc_collate
    • server_version
    • integer_datetimes
    • server_encoding
    • server_version_num
    • max_identifier_length
    • max_index_keys
    • max_function_args
    • include
    • include_if_exists