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Migrating to AWS in hybrid cloud setup

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  • 1.  Migrating to AWS in hybrid cloud setup

    Posted 09-07-2015 06:22:00 AM

    If I'm migrating to AWS in a hyrid cloud setup, where my source production database of 5TB is within my Local Data center and I plan to provision the Delphix Engine on AWS EC2. I have a VPN configured between my AWS EC2 and my On premise data center, how long would it take to create a dsource (Gold Copy) of the source database that is 5TB in size. Since my Delphix engine is on AWS EC2, the dsource will be created in the EBS volumes attached to the AWS EC2. How long does it take for this to happen?

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    Posted 09-07-2015 08:46:00 AM
    Hi Charles,

    usually I see another architecture when working in the cloud (see for example) with consequently benefits as (see replication on the user guide documentation):
    • moving compressed data
    • moving encrypted data (even though you use a VPN connection)
    • remote VDB provision
    • replicating data (for Disaster Recovery)
    • faster syncing
    However, if you want to link your 5TB sized source DB directly to the Engine in the cloud, you have to keep in mind that the first snapshot will be full: all block data of your DB will be transfered over the net. So the time to complete the first snapshot will depend strongly on the bandwith available on your VPN connection: it will be the bottleneck.


  • 3.  RE: Migrating to AWS in hybrid cloud setup

    Posted 09-08-2015 04:35:00 AM
    Hi Gianpiero,

    Thank you for the informative response.