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Pros and Cons of a Standalone Masking Engine

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  • 1.  Pros and Cons of a Standalone Masking Engine

    Posted 08-24-2017 02:00:00 AM
    Hi Guys!

    Just want to ask what are the pros and cons of having the Masking Engine setup as a standalone without the Delphix Virtualization Platform?

    I need to have a deeper understanding why so that I can position our product in such a way that they have to include both the DE and ME as part of their solution.

    What are the downsides?

    What are the benefits with both?

    Thanks in advance to those who would help out. Means a lot.



  • 2.  RE: Pros and Cons of a Standalone Masking Engine
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    Posted 08-24-2017 04:18:00 PM
    Hi Mark,
    Upside of combined engine:
    - Singular maintenance, upgrades & support to both
    - Default configurations work for provisioning masked VDBs.
     - Sharing of resources may cause performance bottlenecks if not sized properly.

    Pros of dedicated standalone ME
    - Dedicated resources allows more /faster masking jobs. 
    - Ideal fit in many architectures ( like SDD) 

    Dedicated Standalone Masking engine alongside Delphix Virtualization Engine is recommended approach in most solution architectures.