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  • I've check, ok it is passible ;) You need to look at SOURCES in you Engine CLI : engine> source engine source> ls And choose right NAME from replica. In my example it is: -sourcename "XE_ETMSK@Delphix5230-3" And now i'm able to run: dx_provision_vdb ...

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  • HI Community, My source replica name is: Delphix5230-3 Source folder: EasyTravel_for_Azure/ Replication profile: EasyTravel_to_Azure/ I try to run: dx_provision_vdb -d delphix-admin -sourcename "Delphix5230-3/EasyTravel_for_Azure/XE_ETMSK" -targetname ...

  • Hi All, I am looking to add Storage Capacity and Growth Metrics to my Weekly and Monthly DX analyzer powerpoint graphical presentations. can somebody help me to accomplish this? #dxToolkit

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  • While doing some of the automation, facing error for "on the fly job" creation with dxmc tool kit. For example: ./dxmc job add --jobname API-BC_TACCOUNT --envname AwsMask-Target --rulesetname API-BC_TACCOUNT --on_the_fly_source SOURCE-BC_TACCOUNT --max_memory ...

  • Hi, Which version of dxtoolkit are you using and on which platform ? regards, Marcin

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