Tip of the Day: Adding a SQL Target Environment

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  1. From the machine that you want to use as a target, log into the Delphix Admin application.
  2. Select Manage > Environments.
  3. Next to Environments, click the green Plus icon.
  4. In the Add Environment dialog, select Windows in the operating system menu.
  5. Select Target.
  6. Click the download link for the Delphix Connector Installer.
    The Delphix Connector will download to your local machine.
  7. On the Windows machine that you want to want to use as a target, run the Delphix Connector installer. Click Next to advance through each of the installation wizard screens.
  • For Connector Configuration, make sure  there is no firewall in your environment blocking traffic to the port on the target environment that the Delphix Connector service will listen to.
  • For Select Installation Folder, either accept the default folder, or click Browse to select another.
  • Click Close to complete the installation process.
  • Run this batch script as Administrator: <Delphix Connector installation folder>\Delphix\DelphixConnector\connector\addhostgui.cmd
    When the Add Windows Target Environment Wizard launches, provide the Target Host IP AddressDelphix Engine IP Address, your login credentials, and the environment user on the Windows target host.
  • After providing this information, click Submit, and then click Yes to confirm the target environment addition request.
  • In the Delphix Engine interface, you will see a new icon for the Target environment, and two jobs running in the Delphix Admin Job History, one to Create and Discover an environment, and another to Create an environment. When the jobs are complete, click on the icon for the new environment, and you will see the details for the environment.
  • Note: Installer will only run on 64-bit Windows systems, 32-bit is not supported
    Photo of Delphix FAQs

    Delphix FAQs, Official Rep

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    Posted 5 years ago

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    Photo of Gianpiero Piccolo

    Gianpiero Piccolo

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    Hi guys,

    I reached the seventh step. But the service "DelphixConnector" didn't run. In the Event Viewer I can read "Delphix Connector process failed repeatedly, service will be stopped.". So the addHostGui.cmd alerted me that the service in not running. I tred to start the service manually (net start or services gui), but few seconds later the service was stopped. I tried to telnet the port 3260 of the engine, but it seems to be closed. Also TCP Port scanner tool shows me that the 3260 port is closed.

    What can I do?

    Thanks in advance.
    Photo of Vivek Verma

    Vivek Verma, Employee

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    Hi Gianpiero,

    Can you confirm that your windows user has admin or system user privileges? Please try running the delphix connector as one of these 2 by right clicking and let us know how this goes. There are some host requirements also that are needed at a minimum to get this working as per user guide page 319 for version 4.1, that would be the next progressive step if my first recommendation does not work.

    Delphix Support
    Photo of Gianpiero Piccolo

    Gianpiero Piccolo

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    Thank you Vivek your prompt reply. We already followed in detail every steps of the guide.
    The problem is now solved. But it seems that it worked fine only after we have modified the network virtual card of the target machine from E1000 to VMXNET3. Is the net card type responsible of the failure of the Connector Service?

    Photo of Adam Bowen

    Adam Bowen, Official Rep

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    Gianpiero, the service can fail to start if it cannot find an interface address in which to bind. If your VM was having network adapter configuration issues, this could have manifested as the service not starting. But, the Connector service does not care what type of adapters the system has, only that the system has an IP address.
    Photo of Gianpiero Piccolo

    Gianpiero Piccolo

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    Hi Guys,

    is it possible to make the addHostGui utility to communicate through SSL, instead of plain http?

    While I'm waiting for net guys to open the outgoing connection firewall rule, I tried to pass the 443 as TCP Port into the Server Name field (see the following figure).

    But I'm not sure it will work. It depends on how the java code try to open the HTTP connection.
    And even though if the java code tries to utilize the right protocol (even if it wasn't specified through the GUI dialog box above), I'm not sure that the server SSL Certificate is released by an Authority trusted by the cacert java file.

    For the last point I can use the keytool to import the ca cert. For other points I don't know if they could work.

    I can't use the plain HTTP from the staging server to the Delphix Engine due to the Enterprise policies: all the outgoing connections must be secure.

    Is there a way to use https togheter with the addhostGui? 

    Thank you.
    Photo of Jaclyn Schoof

    Jaclyn Schoof

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    new idea

    Please reference the new conversation here: make the addhostgui utility to communicate through SSL instead of http