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  • 1.  Auto refresh VDBs via delphix bookmarks

    Posted 09-07-2022 01:47:00 PM
    Edited by Michael Torok 09-07-2022 01:47:42 PM

    We are presently using the delphix refresh jobs 
    /bin/bash -c 'python /opt/delphix/ --restore_container VDB_name--bookmark_name feature-based-latest
    for resetting our env after a refresh

    We have a pre job where the passwords are saved from the vdb, the above delphix restore job is run and then post jobs which restore the passwords

    What is happening is by design the delphix job is rerun the second time when the refresh fails for whatever reason. During this time we end up losing the password and are unable to restore the password after second refresh

    Has anyone implemented any solution to have a foolproof refresh as above or even stop the refresh from retrying the second time

    Ajay Raman
    Delphix Community Members

  • 2.  RE: Auto refresh VDBs via delphix bookmarks
    Best Answer

    Posted 09-08-2022 10:01:00 AM
    Edited by Michael Torok 09-13-2022 11:40:07 PM

    Hello Ajay,

    Thanks for using the community.

    If a Refresh operation fails within Self Service then the VDB will rollback the changes (it's not a Refresh operation). It maybe that you need to add whatever hook operations you use for Refresh operations to Rollback operations.

    If i've misunderstood then my apologies. It maybe better to open a case with Delphix so we can a get better understanding of the requirements.

    Best regards.

    Luke Moss
    Senior Support Engineer