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  • 1.  Capacity calculator

    Posted 04-23-2023 04:46:00 PM

    Hi all, I'm looking to estimate the storage and memory requirements for Delphix VDBs. I heard about the Delphix Capacity Calculator tool and was wondering if anyone has used it before? How accurate are the estimates provided by the tool? Are there any additional considerations I should keep in mind when calculating VDB storage and memory requirements? Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated! 

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    Madhava Agumbe
    Delphix Arhictect

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    Posted 04-24-2023 02:22:00 AM

    Hi Madhava,


    Simply put a VDB would require a storage in minimal amounts when it is opened initially. That would be MBs even the Source DB is TBs when the VDB is first opened.


    Based on how a VDB would be used before refreshed, Delphix Engine can be given 1:1 storage of Source DB (10TB source DB, 10TB storage given to Delphix). That would be generally enough, in my experience, if the VDB is refreshed around or less than 8 weeks.


    The sources required by VDB (memory, CPU) depends on how the VDB would be used and I believe it is best to work with DBAs on such configurations.





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  • 3.  RE: Capacity calculator

    Posted 04-25-2023 09:46:00 AM

    Hello Madhva, 

    While doing the capacity planning you must check for the IOs generated by database and check the vCPU of the delphix engine.
    usually 16 vCPU delphix engine  can handles ~8000 MB/s IOs.

    STEPS for capacity planning:

    1. Get the lower environment information for that application or database.
    2. Go to any of the target server

    sh DBNAME --it will generate 1 file 

    sh DBNAME -- it will generate 2 files 

    1. Go to WinSCP and collect the files from the below locations
    2. Download the file to local system from winscp for prod 1 file and for non prod 2 files ( make 2 folder PROD and NON PROD)
    3. Download all files and zip the files in one folder
    4. Go to -
    5. Click on Capacity Planner on portal  and Upload the zip file to the portal
      8. Click on Upload IO Data
      9. Map Source and Target Databases > Map the Target and source databases
      10. download the excel sheet "sheet Engine by Source" will give IOs information


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