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December 2023 Product Updates

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  • 1.  December 2023 Product Updates

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    This update covers new offerings, features, and functionality changes delivered in December. This will be the last update for the year. Thank you very much for being a Delphix customer–this has been, by far, the most innovative year in Delphix’s history. Thank you to everyone for guiding us and continuing to help us develop our software. 


    Jason Grauel

    VP of Product Management 


    Three Key Highlights

    • Continuous Data now has decreased VDB downtime during full upgrades.

    • Hyperscale Compliance now supports masking Parquet files.

    • Continuous Compliance has expanded classifiers to discover data and algorithms to mask them. 

    Data Control Tower

    • Kubernetes (K8s) Driver: In continuation to expand our Kubernetes Driver’s capability, we now support AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), introduced DCT API Usage monitoring, and fixed various issues to ease adoption.

    Continuous Compliance

    • New String Chaining Framework: A new framework, StringAlgorithmChain, has been added to simplify the process of creating chained algorithms. This works specifically with String-type algorithms and allows for the creation of output based on the combination of those algorithms. For example, some inputs may have a very low occurrence of certain values (think a department in a company with very few members or an uncommon political affiliation), and with deterministic masking, the occurrence frequency in the masked data could be used to infer the original value. A custom algorithm or regex framework could remove or alter the occurrence frequency of these inputs and ensure that the data is masked adequately.
    • Expanded Classifiers: Automated Sensitive Data Discovery has been expanded to add data discovery for medical codes (CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10), IBAN TYPE & PATH classifiers, swift codes and bank account routing numbers. Further, we’ve added a type classifier for license plates.
    • Expanded Algorithms: New masking algorithms have been added for swift codes and bank account routing numbers.
    • UI Improvements: We have continued improving the user interface, replacing the monitoring function in this release.  

      Monitor Image 1

      Monitor Image 2

    • SAP Accelerator: Certified SAP HANA SPS 07, removed the `engine` command from the dxac toolkit to simplify configuration, and improved error messaging to ease troubleshooting.

    Hyperscale Compliance

    • Parquet Support: Hyperscale compliance now supports masking Parquet files. Note that the Hyperscale Orchestrator will need to be sized correctly to handle Parquet files.

    Continuous Data

    • Decreased VDB Downtime: There are two types of upgrades for Continuous Data, full upgrades, where VDB downtime is incurred during a system reboot, and deferred updates, where there is no system reboot and, therefore, no downtime. Note that some features will require a full upgrade. We have improved the upgrade process for the full upgrades to delay the VDB downtime to just the system restart. VDBs remain running during the upgrade and are only down for the system reboot portion. 
    • Object Storage Modification: Key rotation, endpoint URL, regions, and authentication types may now be modified for existing connected object storage through the API and CLI.
    • NFS Encryption: We are extending support for Repave and Oracle RAC configurations with NFS encryption.
    • IBM Db2 HealthChecker: The HealthChecker can now validate staging and target environment configuration to simplify implementation. This joins existing support for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).
    • PostgreSQL: Provided WAL Logs will no longer automatically roll forward a dSource.This action will now occur only when a dSource snapshot is taken to eliminate unknown changes.
    • SAP HANA: Certified SAP HANA SPS 06 and 07.


    Compliance Services for Salesforce

    • Custom Batch Size: Salesforce masking jobs now offer a custom batch size as an optional parameter. When unselected, we will automatically calculate the batch size. Custom batch size enables the masking of tables whose updates cause row locks and facilitate granular performance tuning. 

    Compliance Services for Azure

    • Private Link for ASDD: Private Link is now supported for ASDD pipelines (in addition to masking pipelines). This lets you ensure that data sent to DCS for profiling only moves within your virtual private network and never traverses the public internet.


    December Product Version Releases 

    This section includes all the software products that were shipped in December and their release dates. All of these are available now on the Delphix download site:




    Hyperscale Compliance


    December 19, 2023

    Continuous Data


    December 20, 2023

    Continuous Compliance


    December 20, 2023



    December 20, 2023

    IBM Db2 - HealthChecker


    December 21, 2023

    K8s Driver


    December 21, 2023

    SAP Accelerator


    December 21, 2023



    December 22, 2023

    At Delphix, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions to simplify your data management processes. The monthly updates represent our dedication to continuously improving our platform and providing the tools you need. We encourage you to explore these new features and utilize the latest software releases to unlock your test data management capabilities. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months!

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