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  • 1.  dxtoolkit env creation with DSP option

    Posted 10-27-2022 12:34:00 AM
    Dear Delphix Team,

    I have enabled DSP option for client/server authentication. From the front end I can configure DSP options like keystore/truststore path, password and alias. However same option options I couldn't find in dxtoolkit documentation of dx_create_env. Can you please advise on how to achieve this using dxtoolkit? Thanks.

    Nitin Gupta

    Nitin Gupta
    Data engineer
    Delphix Community Members

  • 2.  RE: dxtoolkit env creation with DSP option

    Posted 11-04-2022 08:04:00 AM
    Hi Nitin,
    Thank you for your question. At this time, DSP options are not available through the dxToolkit. The best way to request this change is to file a request for enhancement (RFE) on the github page here (
    There is active work on the repository and RFEs are frequently incorporated.

    Best regards,

    Michael Torok
    Digital Customer Experience, Senior Director