Delphix Toolkits (dxToolkit and dxmToolkit)

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  • 1.  Need help with dxtoolkit

    Posted 06-07-2023 02:58:00 AM

    Hi All,

    I am new to Delphix and not able to get how to use the dxtoolkit.

    It woulkd be great help if you all help me with some documents with example for below pointers :

    - Configuration/Installation of Dxtoolkit -- I went through the wiki link but not much clear with steps and execution. Small sample example doc would help.

    - Sample scripts / templates to use for credentials retrieval 

    - What we need from Cyberark in order to get credentials from password vault

    - Config file encryption Sample

    Binod Chowdhury
    TDM lead
    TATA Consultancy Services Ltd

  • 2.  RE: Need help with dxtoolkit

    Posted 06-07-2023 03:35:00 PM

    Hi Binod,

    Have you found the binary releases within github here:

    Please take a look at the wiki page, here: Each of the commands found here has a page with command information, for example dx_config's man page is

    An example and usage of the dx_encrypt command is here

    I am not sure what is necessary from the standpoint of Cyberark. Maybe @Marcin Przepiorowski can help you with that question.

    I hope this helped.


    Michael Torok
    Digital Customer Experience, Senior Director

  • 3.  RE: Need help with dxtoolkit
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-29-2023 06:33:00 AM

    Hello Binod, 

    If you have any Linux target server where you are hosting the databases or that Linux server should reachable from Delphix engine ( Firewall should not present bet Linux server and Delphix engine)

    Download and transfer dxtoolkit latest version on the Linux target server using WinSCP.

    Untar /unzip the file and configure dxtool. conf/dxtoolkit.conf file.

    Like below and save the conf file.( make sure you are using admin user in conf file)

        			"hostname" : "Delphix32",  --> Engine name
        			"ip_address" : "", --> IP addredd of engine
        			"username" : "admin",
        			"password" : "#papapaewiru32472931u12",
        			"port" : "80", -->>>> Port 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS
        			"default" : "true", --> Make it False
        			"encrypted" : "true"

     Once you configured this file

    Try to execute some commands like 

    dx_get_cpu -d <<engine name>> 

    If you find this is helpful kindly let me know OR if you need any more details give me call on whatsapps

    Pankaj Asegaonkar
    Delphix masking analyst