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  • 1.  S3 bucket Usage Keeps Growing for the Cloud Engine

    Posted 02-11-2023 01:13:00 AM


    We're using Delphix Cloud Engine version 7.0.0 on AWS. It's using S3 as the storage and EC2 instance as the cache layer as indicated here

    The engine works fine but the issue we're currently experiencing is the ever-growing S3 storage usage.

    Our total data under management is 11.09TB, and storage capacity is 9.66TB.

    We're keeping one-day snapshot for each source database VDB, and we disabled the snapshot for the destination VDB. So the total data under usage is around 11TB, including delta from destination VDB.

    Although S3 storage is not expensive, but the growing trend is concerning. I do believe lots of S3 objects in the bucket are no longer useful. Is there a way to clean up the S3 bucket? 

    Thank you,


    Robin Lou
    Community Member
    Blackstone Administrative Services Partnership L.P.

  • 2.  RE: S3 bucket Usage Keeps Growing for the Cloud Engine

    Posted 02-13-2023 10:45:00 AM

    Hi Robin,

    I pursued this internally, and it sounds like you are opening a support ticket to investigate further. If you can come back to the thread with any suggestions or tips for others, I am sure it would be greatly appreciated. Until then, thank you for posting!


    Michael Torok
    Digital Customer Experience, Senior Director