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Please add support for MySQL.

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03-10-2014 04:39:59 PM

Does Delphix plan to support MySQL?  If so when?

07-29-2015 06:26:40 AM

MySQL support will be added with the next major Delphix release, currently scheduled for GA in mid-August.

07-29-2015 06:18:23 AM

Any Updates delphix for mysql 5.6?

04-16-2015 04:19:07 PM

We are actively working on MySQL support and it is scheduled for GA in the second half of this year with our next major release. The exact dates are not yet finalized.

04-15-2015 04:23:10 AM

Any update on MySQL support?

03-10-2014 05:26:51 PM

We are currently working on MySql support, we do not have an ETA but when we do we will let you know!