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could Recently completed actions be expandable?

Last activity 05-23-2019 09:02:43 PM
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11-04-2015 01:43:57 PM

As you can see in the attached figure, the "Recently completed actions" contains items that are not expandable any more. So if some action failed, I cannot see the details error directly in that list, but I have to navigate through the event viewer. Could it be comfortable to have expandible items in right list?

11-04-2015 04:15:08 PM


If the actions contain additional information (such as failure details) they become expandable, whether or not they are in the recently completed section. Your screenshot doesn't seen to contain any action for which we would expect additional information.

If you have observed a case where an error is displayed in the event viewer, but the related action is not expandable, please let us know so that we can investigate the source of the discrepancy discrepancy.