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Masking Ruleset: more occurrences of the same table

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09-01-2016 08:52:08 AM


Many times we have to mask the same column of the same table using different algorithms depending on some condition on the row being masked. In these cases we have to define one ruleset for every condition. Let's take an example: let's consider the people table; this table contains both male and female persons: the rows representing males have male first names in the column "FIRST_NAME" while the rows representing females have female first names in the column "FIRST_NAME". We have to use a specific lookup algorithm for female first names and a different specific lookup algorithm for male first names. (I work with Italian names and, at least in Italy, we use specific names depending on the gender: Mario for male and Maria for female, for example). 
In order to mask the "FIRST_NAME" with two different lookup algos, with the current implementation of the masking engine, we have to define two different rulesets (every ruleset has a specific "where" condition in the table) and so we have to define two different jobs: one job for each rulset.

The disadvantage to have more jobs are:

  • more complexity in launching the masking job
  • more time overhead
  • last, but more important: it prevents to use the provisioning masked VDB (only one job can be used)

A good idea could be to define more occurrences of the same table into the ruleset: in this way we can define different "where" condition for each table occurrence and in "Inventory" section we can select different algorithm for each table occurrence.

What do you think about this idea?

Best Regards.

03-07-2018 12:59:38 PM

Hi Guys,

Just checking if something changed in this regard ?
Subsequent question, with 5.2.3 we can create rulesets via API, so just thinking while this may not be an implemented functionality, but may be through API we could create more than 1 instance of the same table and hence have multiple where clauses in the same ruleset ?

09-01-2016 10:29:16 AM

Hi Gianpiero,
This is an improvement we are actively looking at, initial thoughts are that the user will be able to specify multiple row types ( currently only 1 where clause is supported) on inventory screen and thus a single inventory screen will be able to handle multiple row types and then run them in a single job.

Reference number for Delphix contact regarding this is 'FF-145'.