Delphix Storage Usage Over Time

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Delphix Storage Usage Over Time 

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08-22-2023 10:45:19 AM

0)  I can't tell if you're using the word container to mean a Self-Service Container or a VDB.  I assume you mean a VDB.

1)  Yes, both dSources and VDBs have Snapshots which use storage space.  Delphix tracks this storage separately.  

2)  The VDB snapshot data should be visible in the Capacity screen under the Datasets tab as shown in the screen shot:

3)  You can configure Policies down to the individual object!  Note there is a separate policy type for VDB snapshots.  This is where you adjust the timing for VDBs.  You adjust the retention of these snapshots under Retention: by creating a separate retention policy and applying it to your VDBs or groups holding VDBs.

4)  A snapshot cannot be purged if any of the following are true:  the retention policy won't allow it, there is a VDB using it (dependent on it), there is a self service bookmark on it.  The capacity screen can help you figure out what dependent objects exist which might prevent deletion.  Un-deletable snapshots are displayed with a lock icon, whereas deletable ones have a trashcan.

08-17-2023 05:20:16 AM

Thank you Ranzo. Will explore this historical info.

Btw i see oracle containers hold snapshots storage too which is not visible in GUI however, we can pull those details from CLI. My question is - How these container snapshots are dependent on its database snapshots? Can we have two separate policy retention at container and database level  and how these will impact on each other? if we want to drop container level snapshot how we can do that?

08-16-2023 03:24:30 PM


In the CLI "capacity" area you will have historical info of storage over time for both objects and the system as a whole.  You can also get that with the opensource dxtoolkit project.

You can reduce your archive log retention in the policy area.  This obviously impacts your ability to provision/refresh from any point in time, but you can certainly save on disk usage by doing that.  Since Delphix compresses everything, the amount of space used for one week of logs should be equal or less than what is used on the source server for one week of logs. 

08-16-2023 02:51:54 PM

Hi Ranzo, Appreciate your effort in creating this video which is really usefull in understanding the accounting aspect of these storage accumulation. 

Btw, i am facing similar challenge in understanding storage accumulation happening on Oracle TDE DB where i see container  also holding snapshot spaces. Which i couldn't understand the relation with DB snapshot. Also DB log size of container is higher than log size of DB (which i believe archive logs are saved at container level) .

  1. is there any process or CLI commands to check the relation to understand storage accumulation on container level
  2. Even though having 1 week retention log on archive log has lead to more accumulation of log storage on container level . Is there any optimization process to avoid this accumulation?
08-15-2023 02:25:04 PM

Join @Ranzo TAYLOR for a walk through and story explaining how the Delphix Continuous Compliance Engine uses storage over time, including explanations of storage used by snapshots, what is included in snapshots, and how storage grows.

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