File Masking - On The Fly

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File Masking - On The Fly 

07-22-2020 06:29:15 PM

This video follows on from the "File Masking - In Place" video, using the same environment to set up the target masking information and creates a source environment where the file will be masked from.
The use case for this was about using file masking to find specific records in a test environment that has been masked, when you want to identify records associated with a "real" (unmasked) value.  For instance perhaps you want to find credit card transaction records for a specific user.  The on the fly masking allows you to separate the duties for each file location, so that the real credit card is never exposed to the users of the test environment.
Video location here: (8m 49 secs)N

This video runs as follows:
1) Create a connection (File - Delimited) to the target SFTP file location.
2) Ensure you have the csv file to mask available in the source directory and the target directory.
3) Create a Ruleset and select the CSV file to mask.
4) Create the File Format (a text list of column names - we only use a single column name to mask a credit card (PAN) value.
5) Edit the Ruleset to add the file format
6) Review and update the inventory by selecting a masking algorithm (minute 2:40)
7) Now create a source environment
8) Create a source Connection to the source file to mask
9) Create a Ruleset in the source environment
10) Create the "on-the-fly" masking job, choosing the correct source environment and source connector
11) Check the values in the file systems and run the masking job.
12) Check that there is a file in the right location with masked values in it.
13) Choose those values and search if them in the source database.

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