Fixed-Width File Masking

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Fixed-Width File Masking 

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Uploaded - 09-25-2020
This is a short video of the steps to mask files with fixed-width data.
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These are the steps covered in the video provided in a document.
09-25-2020 02:00:47 PM

The objectives of this run-through are to allow you to try:

  1. Fixed-width file masking : the width or length of column(s) or field(s) in the files to be masked are defined.
  2. On-the-fly masking:   On-The-Fly (OTF) masking work with a source environment/connector and a target environment/connector, it is an ‘Extract Transform Load’ (etl) process. Please note that you can also do fixed file masking via in-place masking.
  3. Using regex to identify files to be masked : allows you to filter for files to be masked according to certain search criteria
  4. Defining a ‘Header’ record-type: Record types allow you to define different types of ‘rows’ or ‘records’. In this example you will define a ‘Header’ record type. In some instances of file masking, the first record/row contains the Column/Field Names or titles and therefore should not be masked.
A video and pdf of the steps are included.

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